Best Bulletproof Hosting

Here I will list some Bulletproof web hosting that i have deemed bulletproof. Before I get into the list, I would like to clarify a few things so we are all clear.

First off, there is a difference between “bulletproof” and “dmca ignored”. By “bulletproof”, I mean almost any content allowed (hacking, scanning, warez, botnets, etc), and a complete anonymous registration. There are plenty of “dmca ignored” offshore hosting sites, and the majority of them do not allow cracking, hacking, or even hosting your own “warez” on their server. Just like most “bulletproof” servers will not allow child porn or other nasty shit. Some bulletproof hosting companies do not allow mass emailing, ie spam. Some don’t care.

Before you register with a hosting company, read reviews, and read the damn terms of service, acceptable usage policy, etc. Read all those pages because some hosts might claim to be bulletproof but believe me, if they get pressure from law enforcement, they will give all your info, ip address, etc. That’s why it is MANDATORY (or as I would say in real life, “Mando”) that you do these things:

  • VPN, always VPN, from the very beginning. Make sure it’s a no log vpn. Cracked VPN? even better to use VPN account paid for somebody else, under their name.
  • Brand new email account. Brand new, don’t use gmail. Fuck Gmail. They want a phone number and they track all kinds of shit. Go yahoo or protonmail, or even a lesser known email. Pick an email provider where you aren’t required to register a phone number with them.
  • Fake Details, always fake. Username, password, email, name, address, all that shit fake. Your a 34 year old male? Register as a 26 year old female. Etc etc.
  • While doing your blackhat activities, use a different browser, or private browsing etc. Make sure you’re not logged in on social media.
  • Register for Hosting, fake details, but if it’s a good provider they don’t ask for much.

If you have questions, ask the hosting provider. Don’t admit to anything illegal because they might not want to discuss illegal activities with you. Read this article, about bullet proof hosting providers and how they work.

bulletproof hosting

Anyway, back to the list. Sorry I went off on a rant. I’m on a good one… Fuck I’m typing out loud my thoughts. Yikes.

So here’s my list of bulletproof hosting providers, and some to avoid.

Best Bulletproof Hosting List
Updated 07/19/22 – Added a few bulletproof hosts.


Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 23-36-49 FitServer - Аренда VPS_VDS Серверов

Logs: Quoted from their private policy: “We keep customer logs and personal data for at least 36 months. This is done in accordance with federal law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”, but the main reason is to diagnose and fix problems that are often reported to us weeks or months after they occur. While traffic logs are usually kept for 12 months. ”
Allowed: botnets, warez howting, porn, etc. Only thing not allowed is spam against Russia, or other crimes against Russians.
Review: Never used this hosting personally. They seem pretty legit, posted on dark net marketplace forum. Only thing I don’t like is the 36 month log policy. But really, it would take A LOT for the russia government to get a warrant to search your data.

If you’ve used this host then please leave a comment.




Logs: No
Allowed: Spam, bots, warez, phishing, etc etc
Review: Never tried this host, but their site says no logs and they allow these blackhat activities. If anybody has used this host, please leave a comment and let us know how it is.


CrazyRDP bulletproof hosting

Logs: No
Allowed?: Pretty much everything
Review:This is true bulletproof hosting. Crypto payments. Only need email to sign up. No Logs. Recommended.